Top 5 reasons Perfume Dessert London went viral and continues to trend online

You see even top celebrities like JM de Guzman, Ivana Alawi and Joshua Garcia giving it two thumbs up online. But, really, why is Perfume Dessert London all the rage these days?

A friend of ours gave us three from so many variants of the luxury perfume made affordable. Upon first spritz then hours later, we wondered no more why it is, shall we say, "scent"-sational. 

Here are the Top 5 reasons the makers of Perfume Dessert London were able to make a splash for the product line through word-of-mouth recommendation:        

1. Perfume Dessert London offers gourmand fragrances in Eau de Parfum concentrations also referred to as EDP that offers a 20-30% percent concentration of oils. These last from 6 to 8 hours even in their formulations as Fine Fragrance Mists, Hand Sanitizers, and more. 

Perfume Dessert London serves as natural aphrodisiac because of its gourmand notes. It contains pheromones, an ingredient that makes one attractive to humans. 

2. Perfume Dessert London is guaranteed 100% from the United Kingdom. You can verify it by the first three digits of the barcode as these indicate the country where the company is based. Perfume Dessert's first 3 digit is 506, and the U.K. barcode is from 500-509.

Perfume Dessert comes in crimped bottle. This retains the freshness of the perfume---it will not diffuse or leak as long as its cap on and sealed.

The design of the bottle is so simple and handy which allows it to be more affordable than other brands, yet the oil of Perfume Dessert London is of topnotch quality.

4. Perfume Dessert London has many variants and there's bound to be something for someone, anytime and anywhere! Our favorites are Berries & Bay Leaf and Neroli and Grapefruit. We use both alternately before hitting the gym and even as light scent in daytime. These just smell so good and last long too. We love it that it's not overwhelming yet the scent stays like memories of your ex (charot)!

The first time we posted about Perfume Dessert London on our socials, we were deluged with private messages from friends. It turns out they've been hearing about the product and they are curious what we really think about it. We told them the truth and ended with, "Bili na kayo, like, now na!"

5. A 50 ml. bottle of Perfume Dessert London costs just Php 250. Seriously, how do they even make a profit? Perfume Dessert London smells like a million bucks yet so affordable.

By the way, the official brand ambassadors of Perfume Dessert London are David Licauco lang naman (yes, that mega-millionaire hunk of an actor) and Zeinab Harake (top online influencer). Laban ka?

David Licauco

Zeinab Harake